The next Payment Processor

HEBA powered by blockchain system, secure, transparent,faster and easy to use. HEBA focus on online payment for shopping, bill payment, games top up, and much more


Protect your privacy

Your Privacy on top our priority, we never share your data to other 3rd party, we save your data on our own server.


Online Service

You just need register online for verification, you didn't need go to our offline support, register once and you can use your account freely.

Less Fee

We use TRC20 for HEBA Payment, fee only 0.1TRX, people can transfer under 1minute to other user, transaction can be confirmed automatically in light speed.

Online Service

Our Service Available in many countries

We available in serveral countries, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Eropa etc.

  • You can use your "HEBA CARD" to buy in our online store.
  • "HEBA CARD" also available for offline transaction in serveral trusted merchant.
  • our vission to integrate "HEBACARD" with "VISA/MASTERCARD" Payment.
  • Buy Crypto Currency with your "HEBA CARD".
Why choose us

Our bank has been providing services to its customers in 5 countries.


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Total Customers

Protect your money

We make every effort to ensure that our customers money is well protected.


Security in HEBA Apps

Our HEBA Apps available with advance security with 2fa verification, fingerprint verification, IP whitelist and phone number verification


Online Payment

Pay anything just in one tap, our service will be integrated on some online merchants, with some discounts and promos, our customer will get more benefit just by using our Apps.


On Store Payment

Our merchants spread to several country, you can buy your "needs" using your APPS, or Wallet Card with NFC supported.

Wallet cards facility

We provide all the Wallet card facilities to our customers.

We provide customers with a variety of Wallet cards based on the convenience of work.

  • Standard Wallet cards
  • NFC Support
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Auto Fiat Converter*
  • Limited Editions cards